You are brave & wonderful

The other day someone asked me if this (my art) was a job or a hobby.
I didn't know how to answer...I felt a little hurt could they ask such a thing.
A job means your are making money right? well I'm not yet.
But it's so much more than a hobby to me..
This really weighted on me..I couldn't stop thinking about it.
If you are like me -I never think my art good enough.
so this really bother me
It feels more like my passion what I need to do..
how do you explain it to someone ..
It's so personal, so vulnerable, so scary to put it all out there....for the world to see
I want to commend all of you that put yourself out there...
to bare your heart & soul.. to be vulnerable for the sake of your passion..
 It doesn't matter if it's art, or writing or taking care of your loved ones...what ever you put your heart into
We are all the better for it..
You are brave and wonderful!!
          Tell yourself everyday just how great you are..

Diane Ackers7 Comments