A window into my world

Here's a  peek into my world....
I just rearranged my studio..I wish I took pics of it before.
 It hasn't been working for awhile.
I've been wanting to do this for forever!!
I feel so lucky to have a room for my studio...
 I know I know you're supposed to spring clean in the spring but I always get the urge after Christmas.
Maybe it all the new things we get for Christmas that put me in the mood to organize....
 I also cleaned & rearranged my clothes closet..
It feels so good to have a fresh new begining for the new year..
I'm looking forward to 2011 & all the wonders it bring..
What do you do to get yourself ready for the new year?
Do you organize?
Do you take some time & relax?
Do you spend time with family?
Do you buy yourself something special?

Diane AckersComment