listing on etsy

hi  everyone
to sale art on etsy can be a challenge....
you have to list often maybe 4-5 times a day if not more
 that way you can stay toward the front of the listings
So i decided this month February
i will list several times a day
only problem i start to feel like i'm running out of different art to sale
despite that... i continue to well try to list more often
i have notice i have more item & shop hearts
maybe not so much in sales but i'm hopeful
i'll let you know how it goes
do you have an esty shop?
how often do you list?
what do you do to get buyer to your shop?
i would love to hear from you

on another note
my youngest turned 8 sunday
he is so into angry birds
if you have a smart phone you know the game

 my daughter  & i made the cake & cupcakes 
i think they look like a kindergartner made them
but he was happy with them
 & the gift bags
christopher, owen, craig & the birthday boy emerson
playing wii
Happy Birthday Emerson