studio time just jump in

i've had a lot of studio time this feels so good
i finally try making a stamp
i bought the supplies months ago
so excited to get started
i just kept looking at them
so new & untouched
so new i didn't want to make a mistake
i just want to hold them, look at them
does this ever happen to you?
how many times has the fear of messes something up held me back ...
to many time to count.......

i had so much fun making this stamp
i don't know why it took me so long to jump in...

i can't wait to make another one
i was so inspired by this
i was able to get a couple of paintings done

i'm obsessed with birds right now...
my dad likes all wildlife
he feeds the the deer, raccoon & of course the birds..
i love going to his house & watching all the different bird feed
i'm having so much painting them
so just go for it...jump in with both feet or should i say hands..
see what you can accomplish
you will be amazed how good it feels to let go
everything is possible when you go for it