creative challenge

i'm still here...
since summer break has started i've been busy doing the mom thing..
oh how i miss creating.. don't get me wrong
i love doing the mom stuff to but i tend to get consumed by it
and lose myself in the day to day mindless stuff
and don't leave time to create.
so i decided i'm going to CHALLENGE myself


is to create something everyday for the next 6 weeks..
i invite you to join me
now this creative thing doesn't have to be ART
it can be anything that is creative... big or small
some examples
hang tags
scrapbook page
baking a lovely dessert
decorating a corner of your world
you get the idea
to make something beautiful!!
my hope in this challenge is to get my creative juices flowing
to live a more creative and full life

please leave a link in your comment, so i can see your creativity

today's creation

i craved an "ART" stamp
this will be prefect to stamp on the  packages i send my art in
the how to...
i wrote the word "ART" on a piece of paper with a charcoal pencil
then laid the paper (charcoal side down) on the stamp and rubbed the paper
then the image is on the stamp in reverse
then carve around the word art
 then when you stamp it, it will read ART...

our new kitty *mia* she's a devon rex
 she's no bigger then my 10yr old sons shoes
check back to see what else i create
don't forget to leave a link so i can see what you create....