pushing past self doubt

 we went to the lancaster art walk last night

the weather was perfect.... nice and mild,
the last couple of years were sooo hot and humid

i didn't have any of my art there but my kids did!

the library has a program were the kids can make art
 and have it displayed at the art walk
they love seeing their art on display for everyone to see
i'm so proud of them

inspiring art
on one hand it was inspiring to see all the wonderful art,
on the other hand it somehow, made me doubt my artistic ability
does that ever happen to you?
 i think as artist we never feel like our own art is where we want it to be
(good enough)
maybe there's a reason to have self doubt
maybe it's there to push us to be better artist
to push past the self doubt
beyond the boundaries
create something wonderful
at least that how i'm going to look at self doubt

in the studio pushing past the self doubt
day 6 creative challenge

so the next time you doubt your abilities
take that doubt and push yourself
push past the boundaries
create something wonderful!