my new muse

  i have a new came about towards the end of last year.  when i bought a dslr camera.  don't get me wrong i've always love photography, but now i'm obsessed. i'm excited and seeing the world in a different way...don't you love the feeling of excitement when you find a new muse?.. i've decided to open another Etsy shop  for my photography art.  please check it out here and let me know what you think.

 i still love painting..and always will.  i started to doubt my abilities to paint so, i have been experimenting with different painting styles. what i found is i love them all LOL.....i wanted to find where my strength lie....well after weeks (months) of self doubt and questioning my abilities..i've decided to just listen to my instincts and do what i do...and not second guess if it is good enough, if it is "real art". instead i will continue to paint and to push myself to improve, to take chances with my paintings, to go after my dream and Love what i do... because when i think about it...i really love what i you ever question your abilities, your talents? how do you get past self doubt?

                      i encourage you to push past that doubt and keeping going after your dream..