Art Shows and New French Bull Dog Painting

i'm still here.... 

...this is my daughter's french bulldog lilybug.  isn't she the sweetest. when i took this photo i knew i had to paint her. i hope to have prints and more soon.

  i started doing art/craft shows again this summer. i forgot how nice it is to talk to people who enjoy seeing my art.  it helps me to know i'm not crazy, and if you're an artist you understand what I'm talking about.
 i want to say thank you to everyone who stop by my booth to look at my art and buy

   in the process of trying to figure out how to display my art at the art shows (without spending a small fortune) i came up with a good way to display my art at the show and in my studio.  can you guess what i used? 

i took apart wire storage cubes ( they are  four cubes when together i had 2 sets in white see photo below) we had bought to store the kids toys or clothes on. i took them apart and laid them out 4 wire squares by 3 square and used twist ties the put them together. at the show i twist tie them to the tent my studio i hung them on hooks...i love they way they turned out and it only cost me a few dollars for the twist ties.  now i can see my art hanging all in one place as i finish it.

 i have so many ideas going through my head!  i love it when things are crazy busy it really energizes me. what energizes you ?
 look for new art and product soon..